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  • True Carrier  Grade Point to Point Link

  • Capacity to 1 Gbps

  • Transmit Power +10dBm

  • Antenna Option 1ft, 2ft, 3 ft & 4ft with Gain 36-47 dB

  • Model: RAy3

RAy3, the 3rd generation of RAy, with 1 Gbps FDD and possibility of asymmetric channels is the top equipment for license free bands.

RAy is a high-speed point-to-point microwave link, suitable for links in the most challenging conditions.

This Full Outdoor Software Defined Radio with Linux OS, is designed for high performance links with maximum reliability, exceptional system gain and resistance to disturbances. All relevant state-of-the-art concepts have been carefully implemented without compromise.


RAy is well proven within the market since 2009 in thousands of installations in tens of countries from the poles to the equator.

It is used by Internet Service Providers as well as global Telco operators for both, backbone and last-mile microwave links.

CAML-TECH has introduced a software solution Cintsa NMS, a Network Monitoring System to provide our customers with comprehensive Network Performance, Network Health, and Configuration Changes to the several types of wireless networks delivered by the company. 

Precise, effective and efficient monitoring is a must requirement in today's environment to monitor the entire network, troubleshoot problems, control excellence of service delivery to customers, notify agents of any detected errors and problems and point out the affected system area/customer to ensure rapid recovery.

Cintsa NMS allows multiple vendors into a single platform and the client’s overall data analyzed for the specific needs of each project. Present client integration is for, LTE 4G/5G network system with microwave backhaul,managed fiber switches and Managed UPS. Monitoring or client devices is also being carried out to ensure customer connectivity and performance. 


The solution offers various vendors, protocols to be managed such as SNMP, HTTP, IPMI, SSH, TELNET, JMX integrated into a single platform.

Provide  customers with comprehensive Network Performance, Network Health, and Configuration Changes

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