RAy3 microwave units work as a point-to-point link in a full duplex setting with transfer speeds of up to 1002 Mbps.


This link is formed by two RAy3 units, each equipped by its own 1ft parabolic antenna.


  •  Bandwidth can be configured from 3.5 up to 112 MHz, independently for Tx and Rx.
  • Modulation can be fixed or adaptive and can be adjusted from QPSK to 4096QAM. 
  • Supported are 2 license-free bands 17 GHz (17.10 – 17.30 GHz) and 24 GHz (24.00 – 24.25 GHz) 

RAy3 link with 1ft Antennas

SKU: RAy3-24-1ft